Project Overview

The building itself covered almost 23 acres and the parking lots covered 18 acres of the 76-acre property. The project included site work, underground utilities, stone base for the building pad, concrete curb and hot mix paving.

  • Moved 500,000 cubic yards of soil materials.
  • Imported and placed approximately 80,000 tons of graded aggregate base course.
  • Installed multiple infiltration basins, bio-ponds and stormwater ponds.
  • Installed over 27,000 LF of underground utilities.
  • Installed over 6.5 miles of concrete curb.
  • Placed approximately 30,000 tons of hot mix.
  • Coordinated and cooperated with multiple contractors to maintain accessibility and progress.
  • Complied and maintained erosion and sediment controls under the direct inspection of the Town of Middletown.
  • The project facility was substantially completed in 8 months.

Key Challenges

Corrado worked in conjunction with Duke Realty and the Civil Engineer to develop a comprehensive construction plan that would meet the demands of the aggressive construction schedule by developing the project phasing. The phasing of the 76 acres was developed to expedite the building pad turnover to the concrete contractor and facilitate the building construction. Corrado, Duke, the Geotechnical Engineer (GTA) and the Town of Middletown worked together as construction progressed to meet the Erosion and Sediment Control needs while facilitating the building and site work in a timely fashion. Corrado performed bulk earthwork operations in double shifts to meet the building schedule. Corrado’s experience was put to the test to move a large quantity of material efficiently while, at the same time, facilitating drainage for the site.

The most challenging part of the Middletown warehouse project was a combination of the size of the project, the fast-paced schedule and the winter start. The planning that went into the project to achieve the scheduled milestone dates was critical. Every aspect of field operations, constructability, subcontractor and supplier availability needed to be scrutinized to ensure the project’s success. To that end, the project teams from all parties worked long hours to produce and execute a well-developed plan.

Working closely with its client and GTA, Corrado used on-site soil to help save both time and money for the client on this project. GTA monitored the soil conditions during the cut to fill operation and provided immediate, real-time soil conditioning directives minimizing the need for import and ultimately balancing the structural import demand for the site. Close coordination with Corrado’s subcontractors and suppliers were a major key to the successful completion of the site work.

The project had an aggressive schedule from the start: beginning in February 2012 with a goal of being substantially completed by September 2012. This schedule obviously demanded a great deal of coordination and cooperation between all trades. Although the weather was more favorable than typical winters on the East Coast, it certainly presented challenges when an area of this size was under construction. Corrado Construction’s field supervision and personnel continued to find ways to maintain site drainage, stabilize graded areas, and provide workable surfaces for all trades. Ultimately, the goals of the project were achieved.


David Jennings - Project Manager Warehouse was Duke Realty’s first project in Delaware. During our due diligence on site work contractors, all recommendations kept coming back to Corrado as the best in the state at moving dirt on an aggressive schedule. Duke teamed with Corrado very early in the design process and leaned on their local knowledge of the soils. Corrado was an invaluable partner for the following reasons: they understood our need to put schedule first in getting the building pad constructed, they took on risk, they did what they said they would do, and they completed the pad ahead of schedule. One of the major keys to the successful completion of the Middletown Warehouse Facility was our decision to work with Corrado Construction Company. Not only did Corrado perform our site work but they also were able to develop a plan with the design team and the local regulatory agency to expedite the turnover of the building pad to facilitate the building construction to meet the project’s critical path. We feel that this project was the beginning of a strong relationship and look forward to our next venture with Corrado. Corrado had a strong team on the project from design through execution. I would recommend them for any fast-tracked schedule project and I hope to work with them again on future projects.

David Jennings - Project Manager, Duke Realty
David Huth - Project Superintendent

I have been a superintendent for 25 years in the construction industry. It is very important for me to have a good site contractor. Corrado has been by far the top site contractor in my experience. They had a plan and delivered at Warehouse in Middletown, DE. I could tell them what I needed and they came through with flying colors.

David Huth - Project Superintendent, Duke Realty
Tim Barth - Project Superintendent

Working with Corrado Construction on Warehouse has been a pleasure. I have been working in construction for 42 years. It was exciting to see how efficiently Corrado’s field operations moved the on-site material to achieve the design grades and meet the project’s accelerated schedule. The site was always kept in a drainable condition and the soils were protected from adverse weather. Corrado also had the site utility, site concrete and hot mix paving for the project. Corrado is efficient in all phases of site construction. Corrado was always ahead of, or on schedule throughout the project. I would work with Corrado Construction again on any mass excavation and site utility project.

Tim Barth - Project Superintendent, Duke Realty

Project Details

Project:Amazon Warehouse Facility

Client:Duke Realty

Location:Middletown, DE


Duration:8 months

Job Size:Over $10 Million

Date of CompletionSeptember 2012