Astra Zeneca

This project involved upgrading the parking capacity at Astra Zeneca’s Wilmington campus with a seven-story garage. Access to the adjacent loading dock had to be maintained and the impact to surrounding tenants had to be minimized.

Key Challenges

  • Corrado worked in conjunction with the design and construction teams to locate and, when necessary, re-route many existing critical utilities including gas, communication and fire services. Minimizing interruption of service was mandatory due to tenants occupying the adjacent buildings. This required extensive coordination and some off-hours work.
  • Corrado was able to minimize impact to some existing landscaping and other site features, allowing preservation of additional trees, fencing and walls. This allowed the new construction to better blend with the existing facility.

Project:Astra Zeneca

Client:EDiS Company

Design Professional:Landmark Engineering

Location:Wilmington, DE

Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:12 Months

Date of Completion:October 2020