Project Overview

This project site was situated on an eight-acre former salvage yard, with a proposed anchor store (ShopRite) and six smaller retail stores.  The site was contaminated with PCBs, PAHs and Lead.  Also, the site was complicated by buried foundations and debris. During the construction phase, Corrado Construction was responsible for erosion and sediment controls, bringing the site to proposed subgrade elevations, installing underground storm, sanitary and water piping and two post-tensioned storm water box culverts under four active travel lanes of Walnut Street, a bio-filtration swale with wetlands plantings, modular block retaining walls and nearly two miles of concrete curbing and more than five acres of asphalt paving.

  • Recycled 7,000 tons of concrete debris generated on-site for immediate re-use on the site.
  • Used recycled material for backfill in the pre-excavation of utility corridors, which saved $400,000 and expedited the installation of a mile and a half of underground utilities.
  • Replaced normal construction sequencing with “Hop-Scotch” sequencing to maximize production for all trades while maintaining CCC’s productivity.
  • Imported and placed ~110,000 tons of material in two months and in winter weather.

Key Challenges

  • BPG required the pre-excavation and clean “select” backfill for all site utility corridors to allow the installation of the site utilities to be conducted “in the clean” at a later date.  Corrado recognized that using select for backfill would be problematic as the water table was very high.  We recommended, and BPG approved, the use of recycled concrete for this pre-excavation activity which virtually eliminated the problem.
  • The initial design called for substantial site fills using imported select fill.  CCC believed this would be problematic considering the existing site conditions, the site footprint, a very tight schedule (requiring heavy trade stacking) and the fact that a majority of the site work would take place in the winter months.  Corrado recommended using common fill topped with a very high quality recycled concrete.  This method proved economical enough to allow the placement of recycled concrete across the site.
  • The marshy, contaminated site soils and what seemed to be an unending supply of subsurface “surprises” complicated the site even further. In order to complete this project in the required time frame, traditional construction sequencing had to be abandoned.  Corrado worked through the vertical construction phase moving around the site as needed to complete our tasks while maintaining access to the site for all other trades.
  • At various stages, this complex project was under the jurisdiction and oversight of the EPA, DNREC, DelDOT and the City of Wilmington.


Peter Paton - Principal/Director of Engineering

The Christina Landing Retail project was a challenging structural and coordination project. MacIntosh Engineering worked closely with Corrado Construction during the project providing structural design, consultation and field review. Corrado Construction was well organized, diligent, and a pleasure to work with during the project. There were significant coordination items with DelDOT, the City of Wilmington and the center developer that had to be overcome in order to maintain the project schedule, and allow the center to open as scheduled as well as minimize the impact to the city of Wilmington’s main access artery. Corrado Construction consistently worked with the design team making recommendations to expedite the design process and reduce excess cost and schedule impacts. Corrado Construction was a valuable member of the design and construction team and critical to the project’s success. We look forward to future projects with Corrado Construction.

Peter Paton - Principal/Director of Engineering, MacIntosh Engineering
Bill Babb - Sr. Project Manager

Corrado Construction was a critical and dependable team member and partner on the Christina Landing Retail project. They brought years of experience and creative problem solving to the team. They repeatedly showed these qualities in innovative water and soil control and containment to environment soil and contamination management as well as timely completion of an aggressively scheduled project. The project could not have been as successful as it was without this vital team member.

Bill Babb - Sr. Project Manager, BPGS
Edwin Williams - Project Manager

The Christina Landing Retail project had many geotechnical obstacles and hurdles to overcome during the construction phase of the project. Loose existing fill materials, buried construction debris, soft compressible subsoils, and unbalanced grading to name a few. Geo-technology Associates worked closely with Corrado during the project providing geotechnical consultation and quality control testing. Corrado was cooperative, open minded, and worked diligently for the project duration. To help overcome some of the site issues, maintain the project schedule, and reduce cost overruns, Corrado constantly worked with the design team making suggestions and recommendations, such as importing high quality, recycled material for mass grading operations. Corrado Construction was a key component of this project’s success.

Edwin Williams - Project Manager, GTA
Marion Young - President

The Christina Landing Retail project environmental cleanup work was difficult and challenging for several reasons: the site was a former salvage yard with PCB and metals contamination; environmental regulators included EPA’s TSCA program as well as DNREC; the owner’s schedule was very tight; it was a rainy construction season. Corrado’s team listened well and collaborated closely with BrightFields, offering creative solutions and suggestions to streamline each phase of the cleanup. They accommodated changes in their construction tasks in order to complete the environmental work on schedule while still maintaining the overall construction schedule. We look forward to working with Corrado on future projects.

Marion Young - President, Brightfields

Project Details

Project: Christina Landing Retail

Client: BPGS Construction LLC

Design Professional:MacIntosh Engineering

Location:Wilmington, Delaware


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:11 Months

Completed:December 2008