Project Overview

The DE Turf Sports Complex project consisted of almost 100 acres of site improvements for the installation of the largest synthetic turf sports complex in the mid-Atlantic. The complex includes 12 synthetic turf fields and an indoor field house. Despite being set back by poor weather conditions at the start of the project, the project was completed in time for play in the spring of 2017. Total project duration was just over 12 months. The land before the start of the project was active farmland. The project’s scope of work included:

  • Earthwork – 352,105 CY of grading
  • Curb – 22,009 LF of curb
  • Sidewalk – 116,973 SF
  • Sanitary – 3,791 LF of sanitary line, plus 5 lift stations and a wet tap into a 30” forcemain
  • Storm drainage – 12,092 LF plus 98 Nyloplast catch basins
  • Waterline – 3,802 LF

Key Challenges


The job started in late winter/early spring, and cold temperatures and wet conditions were a hindrance to progress. Attempts at drying the soil were not successful initially, but as weather improved, drying became easier. However, this left Corrado in a time crunch and tight coordination was needed by all parties in order to complete the remaining work while the weather conditions were favorable. In the end, the cooperative efforts of the entire project team allowed the project to be completed on time, with play beginning this past spring, as was the goal.

Demanding Precision

In addition to the large scale of this project, there was a need for great precision because of the tournament play. Demanding QA/QC measures from the design team were required during the work. As one example, the concrete curbs around the fields had to be installed to within a quarter of an inch tolerance. This tolerance is more precise than many grade checking tools can accurately measure at the distance needed. It took exceptional work from the project team – as well as a team of surveyors from Vista and Corrado – who were dedicated solely to this task. They had to check the string line and forms, then check measurements again once the curb was poured.

Sequencing and Teamwork

Due to certain regulations, only 20 acres of the site could be disturbed at once. Additional areas could not be started until other areas were stabilized. This 20-acre limit was particularly challenging because the fields were massive and had exacting QA/QC tolerances. Corrado Construction, RY Johnson, the turf field contractor, and the fencing contractor had to work in close coordination. This sequence took several weeks for each field, and any delay in any component would halt progress. It took the cooperative effort of many trades in order to move the project along smoothly.


Dean Y. Johnson – CEO/CFO

Richard Y Johnson recently teamed up with Corrado Construction on the DE Turf project. During the project, Corrado Construction’s performance exceeded expectations. They were great to work with and had great ideas to keep the project moving during the late winter months. Corrado was a huge reason why the project finished early. RYJ looks forward to working with them again!!

Dean Y. Johnson – CEO/CFO, Richard Y Johnson & Son
Jon S. Falkowski, P.E. – Sr. Associate

It was imperative that the DE Turf project be completed on time or the facility would lose out to other facilities on the East Coast fighting for market share. Working with RYJ, Corrado took on the aggressive schedule for this immense site work and utility package and boy did they deliver! It was a pleasure working with the Corrado team on this project as they delivered substantial completion in just 12 months, ahead of schedule.

Jon S. Falkowski, P.E. – Sr. Associate, Becker Morgan

Project Details

Project:Delaware Turf Sports Complex

Client:Richard Y. Johnson & Son

Design Professional:Becker Morgan

LocationFrederica, DE


Job Size:$3 - $5 Million

Duration:13 months

Date of Completion:April 2017