Full site development package

  • Earthwork: 89,939 CY
  • Utilities: 10,961 LF
  • Paving: 12,556 tons
  • Concrete: 18,760 SF
  • Curb: 9,200 LF
  • Sidewalk: 6,970 LF

Key Challenges

The challenge on this project was a having a late December start with a pad turnover in February, with just a few months in the winter to complete the pad and access road. The soils for the pad fills were planned to be excavated from a wet pond, so they would not be ideal for constructing the building pad. By being creative and working with some imported stone dust to help dry the site soils, we were able to complete the pad and the entrance road despite these obstacles, allowing the building to get started.

Project:NKS Distributions

Client:EDiS Company

Design Professional:Becker Morgan

Location:Smyrna, DE

Job Size:5 - 10 million

Duration:19 months

Date of Completion:June 2022