UD South Green

The South Green project was a large underground steam/condensate and chilled water project for the University of Delaware. This was a fast-paced project through the heart of campus, requiring every move to be carefully thought out and meticulously planned in order to minimize the disruption to student life.

Key Challenges

  • To save two historic buildings from demolition, Corrado Construction came up with a twofold approach to go under the buildings by using both jack and bore as well as hand tunneling. Chilled water went under one building using jack and bore, while the second structure lacked room for this conventional method and careful hand tunneling was the only viable option for installing the steam and condensate.
  • Corrado had to restore the Green completely – mid-project – to accommodate the University’s 2019 Graduation and Alumni Weekend, patching up the Green as if never there between the first and second phases of the project.
  • To keep to the project timeline, the need arose to open up a substantial amount of trenching through the winter months. Keeping the trenches protected became paramount and Corrado sequenced the work to protect the pipe subgrade, thereby minimizing adverse weather affects.
  • Corrado worked closely with the University to understand and protect the trees and root systems in the Roselle Grove, a particularly sensitive natural area on the UD Campus.


Joseph Stokes, Lead Project Manager

The South Green Utility Upgrades Project was not only the largest utility project ever commissioned on the University of Delaware’s campus, but also the largest utility project the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company’s Delaware Office has ever completed. Given the immense scale and scope, having trusted partners were key to the project’s success. One of these partners was Corrado Construction Company. Throughout the project, Corrado Construction Company overcame several challenges, the greatest of which was completing a project in the heart of campus filled with 17,000 students each day – changing classes, conducting campus tours, completing maintenance, etc. Corrado Construction Company used their experience working on University of Delaware projects and a continuous coordination effort with Whiting-Turner to navigate through the ever-changing conditions. They opened large utility trenches for almost ¾ of a mile of Steam & Condensate piping as well as approximately 1 mile of Chilled Water piping, as well as tunneling under two occupied buildings, all while maintaining the use of each university building adjacent to the work. In addition, Corrado Construction Company employees were incredibly professional and easy to work with, always striving to move the project forward with the clients’ best interest in mind. As always, it was a pleasure working with Corrado Construction Company and we look forward to partnering with them again in the future.

Joseph Stokes, Lead Project Manager

Project:UD South Green


Design Professional:CDA Engineering

Location:Newark, DE

Job Size:$5 - $10 Million

Duration:6 months

Date of Completion:June 2020