Project Overview

The project involved the installation of new steam and condensate, chilled water service and return, and electrical duct banks.  Installation had to occur while keeping the existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water mains, electrical duct banks, telephone communications and gas mains active in a compressed, three-month schedule to eliminate student disturbance.

  • Substantially completed project one week ahead of schedule.
  • Coordinated and cooperated with multiple contractors to maintain accessibility and progress.
  • Installed 2300’ of mechanical utilities amidst a labyrinth of active, existing utilities.
  • Maintained all functioning of all seven existing utilities.
  • Restored lawn and site including concrete curb and sidewalks, concrete pavers, bike racks, dumpster pads, and site lighting.
  • Restored Haines Street storm sewer and hot mix road while working with the local jurisdiction to ensure local specifications were achieved.

Key Challenges

  • Excavation started at approximately 14’ in depth, several feet of which went into the groundwater table.
  • Unearthing of existing utilities took extensive probing, delicate maneuvering from heavy equipment operators, and significant amounts of hand digging.
  • Unknown site factors created a project wrought with complexities.


Ralph Degli Obizzi, Jr. - President

As a subcontractor of Corrado’s, their leadership, commitment to quality and commitment to safety helped in making Haines Street Utility very successful project. This was not an easy job. The logistics made the work quite complicated. The depth of the piping along with the ever-present groundwater posed enormous obstacles. Corrado did a great job in preparing the ditches for us so that we could be extremely productive in very safe conditions. We look forward to many more projects with Corrado Construction Company.

Ralph Degli Obizzi, Jr. - President, Ralph G. Degli Obizzi & Sons
Michael O'Neil - Superintendent

The work on the Haines Street project included site utilities consisting of medium pressure steam and condensate, chilled water supply and return, and electrical duct banks to supply the new East Campus Resident Hall project at the University of Delaware. Although it was only several hundred yards of work to tie into the new central utility plan, it involved maintaining fire lane access to the campus, pedestrian access, access to homes along the street and to a nearby church. Construction was broken out into three phases to allow for access at all times. Corrado’s team was an integral part in all planning phases, bringing their extensive knowledge and expertise to the table. They had a great working relationship with the Facilities Department and with City of Newark inspectors. The project had specific time constraints that made coordination and execution very time sensitive. Corrado carefully worked through layers of existing utilities that could not be disturbed. The work started in early April and had to be completed by mid-August, ahead of student move-in. Going into the project, our largest risk was identified as being the close proximity of the work to existing buildings and the tele/data duct bank that feeds the entire campus. We also had to take into consideration the existence of a high water table and use of well point dewatering. As Lead Superintendent on the project, I can say with certainty that partnering with Corrado was the key to a successful project. Corrado’s management and quality field supervision were the right choice. So much so that they have already been selected for our next project, one that has complicated logistics and site utilities, again located on a busy city street. Based on their past performance and quality of workmanship, we are confident of another successful outcome.

Michael O'Neil - Superintendent, Skanska USA Building

Project Details

Project:University of Delaware Haines Street Utility Project

Client:Skanska Building Corporation

Design Professional:Duffield Associates

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:3 Months

Date of Completion:August 2012