Project Overview

Full site work package, demo and replacement of underground utilities.

  • All site demolition including existing curbs, sidewalks, pavers and hot mix paving.
  • Demo existing and install 1,000 FT of new sanitary sewer line.
  • Demo existing and install 1,200 FT of domestic cold water.
  • Demo existing and install 1,200 FT of domestic hot water and hot water return.
  • Installing 40 new storm sewer structures and corresponding connections to new and old storm sewer.
  • Demo existing and install 1,300 FT of steam line and condensate line including the setting of 3 steam vaults.
  • 900 LF of upright curb.
  • 1,300 SF of dumpster/utility pads.
  • 1,900 SF of sidewalk replacement.
  • Preparation of subgrade for all paver pathways.
  • All on-site hot mix paving.
  • Final signage and striping for the parking lot and new striping on roadways.

Key Challenges

  • The existing dormitory complex is being renovated but all existing buildings will remain in place. In addition to this, certain underground utilities (telecommunications, storm, water, etc.) will also remain in place. Many of the utilities to be removed and replaced are currently located in tight areas between each of the existing buildings and within close proximity to the utilities that are to remain. Care is being taken to locate any existing utility (often by hand-digging) and to work safely within confined areas so as not to damage the existing buildings. In some cases, unknown utilities also exist within these areas. We coordinate with Skanska and the University to avoid conflicts with these utilities and make sure they are either removed properly or kept safe while other work takes place around them.
  • A significant portion of the steam and condensate replacement is taking place alongside Courtney Street and Academy Street. Logistics and traffic control plans are worked out and put in place to make sure the work is performed efficiently while also maintaining passable areas for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  • Part of the previously mentioned steam and condensate work will need to take place and be completed during the summer of 2014 while the students are not in session. Coordination and scheduling for this summer work has been on-going since the summer of 2013 so that the area of work can be demolished, the utilities can be installed, and the area can be returned to its current state all before the students return in August of 2014.
  • As renovation activities increase for the dormitory complex, more and more trades are on-site to perform various forms of work. This requires careful scheduling and coordination with Skanska and the other trades so that everyone’s work can be performed without delay due to the close proximity of each other’s work.


Dave McNamara - Assistant Director

I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional job your firm did in completing the Academy Street Dining & Residence Hall and Harrington Dormitory projects of the past 18 months. Your firm’s attention to detail was very evident in the coordination of the work at each of the sites and the quality of the finished project. I have been with the University over 9 years and have completed over 10 utility projects and these two were by far the best in regards to safety, logistics and execution. Both projects were completed on schedule despite numerous weather related delays last year. Your Project Management team of Brian/Kyle and Site Superintendents John/Mike were very proactive in planning the work and interfacing with the UD community. I look forward to working with Corrado in the future and if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Dave McNamara - Assistant Director, University of Delaware

Project Details

Project:University of Delaware - Renovations to Harrington Dormitory Complex

Client:Skanska Building Corporation

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:2 years

Completion Date:Nov 2013