Project Overview

Project consisted of installation of new twelve acre landfill cell adjacent to operating cell of existing landfill, including two foot drainage layer of rice gravel.  The cell received a gas collection system below the primary liner due to existing waste in area (gas wells, vertical and horizontal conduit).   An environmental cap was also placed outside of the cell extents which received two feet of protective cover soil.  The landfill gas was tied into the existing LFG loop at the landfill, with connections for future collection points from the waste.

  • Installed and maintained E&S controls for 20+-acre area.
  • Unloaded and stored geosynthetic liner materials (HDPE, GCL, Composite, Non-Woven)
    • per DNREC and ASTM standards.
  • Completed fine grading and fill placement for 12-acre cell subgrade.
  • Excavated and backfilled 3,000+ linear feet of anchor trench.
  • Maintained and installed additional E&S controls.
  • Imported and placed 40,000 CY of protective drainage layer (rice gravel) on geosynthetic liner system.
    • Work performed utilizing GPS technology on grading equipment within 0.1’ tolerance.
  • Installed 2,200 LF of perimeter roadway and water channel.
  • Installed 230 vertical feet gas conduit.
  • Installed 170 vertical feet gas well.
  • Installed 2,400 LF of gas collection trench, well heads including liner boots.
  • Installed 2,800 LF of 12” HDPE LFG header.
  • Installed 1,250 LF of perforated HDPE leachate collection corridor.
  • Installed gas condensate sump, controls and valves.
  • Installed 1,300 LF of dual contained leachate force main from gas condensate sump
  • Graded for (6) acres of environmental cap.
  • Placed 16,500 CY of protective cover soil on environmental cap.

Key Challenges

  • Coordination of the cell construction with landfill operations (tie-in’s, erosion from existing cell etc.)
  • Import of 25,000+ CY of structural fill and 40,000+ CY of protective drainage layer material from one entrance and working on low area of cell during a period of significant rain events.
  • Tie-in and installation of Gas Force Main and Leachate Force Main as the new cell was being filled with waste.


John Dottellis - Area Engineer

The DRPI 6-2A project consisted of a 12 acre waste cell, a 7 acre environmental cap, and landfill gas collection system. The projects ran simultaneously and had varying degrees of difficulty along with the need for coordination of several moving parts. The collection system was to be installed under the landfill liner system so it was imperative that the project milestones were met. Corrado Construction was able to coordinate the projects along with 3rd party vendors while working within the constraints of the weather during one of the wettest seasons on record. The project could not have been completed in the time constraints necessary if it weren’t for the experience and resources available. Our team was very satisfied with work performed and would recommend Corrado Construction in the future.

John Dottellis - Area Engineer, Waste Management

Project Details

Project:Cell 6-2A, Environmental Cap Phase II and Gas Collection System

Client:Waste Management (Delaware Recyclable Products Incorporated)

Design Professional:Geosyntec

Location:New Castle, DE

Classification:Industrial - Environmental/Landfill

Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:8 Months

Date of Completion:October 2013