Richard Scrivener Recognized by DCA for Careers in Construction Month

Richard Scrivener Recognized by DCA for Careers in Construction Month

We are pleased to see Richard Scrivener, Vice President, was recognized by the Delaware Contractor’s Association. Richard is an active member of DCA’s Young Executive Committee and they shared his career pathway story for Careers in Construction month.

DCA: What has your career path been?

Richard Scrivener: Growing up, I was surrounded by the construction industry. When I was little, we lived next door to an asphalt plant where my father worked, and later my brothers and I all had summer jobs in the business. After finishing school, I started full-time as a laborer, and then had the opportunity to transfer to the estimating department. I was worried that being in the office would be too slow-paced and boring, but it was a great learning experience and helped me to see a new side of how things worked. When I got married, I moved into the Delaware area and joined Corrado as an estimator/project manager. Since then, the role has shifted into full-time project management.

DCA: What is your current role and what is it like?

RS: Managing construction projects is a challenging role, but very rewarding. My primary responsibilities are handling the contract, communicating with the client and with our crews, and managing the budget and schedule for the work. Fortunately, being surrounded by good people and having a ton of support makes it easy to be successful in this role, and the people that I work with make the job fun. There is flexibility in my workday with time being split between the office and the job sites, and it is never boring because things change so quickly. It is also very satisfying doing a job that makes an impact, and where the end product can be so visible.

DCA: What is the best advice to someone looking for a career in construction?

RS: Find a good mentor and learn as much as you can. There are so many people with knowledge and experience that are happy to teach, as long as they know you are willing to be humble and work hard. It is a great industry, and I look forward to seeing the next generation come on board!