Why Safety is Paramount

Joe Corrado, Jr. understands it is CCC’s responsibility to “C” to it that all of its operations are performed in the safest manner possible for the protection of our employees and the general public. Our C SAFETY initiative reflects our commitment to keeping our people, our communities and our subcontractors unharmed. C SAFETY includes creating and sustaining a “Zero Accident” culture. This culture has the backing of Joe Corrado and all upper management as we strongly believe that cooperation and communication between our entire team will elicit the best possible results.

In an effort to achieve a “Zero Accident” culture through our C SAFETY program, CCC will utilize the following best practices:

Safety Training and Education

  • Workers receive formal safety orientation
  • Workers receive specialized training
  • OSHA 10 and 30 hour training
  • Behavior modification through effective training and administrative controls

Strong Management Commitment

  • Management participates in investigation of recordable injuries
  • Company president/management reviews safety performance
  • Management establishes safety goals and demands accountability for safety performance.
  • Management provides the resources necessary for a safe workplace.

Safety Processes and Procedures

Worker Participation and Involvement

  • Management, supervisory personnel and employees participate on a safety committee
  • Supervisory personnel receive behavior overview training
  • All employees accept personal responsibility that zero accident is achievable
  • Safety Planning: pre-project/pre-task planning
  • Staffing for safety
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Subcontractor Management

  • Subcontractors submit site-specific safety plans
  • Subcontractors submit OSHA 300 Logs

Recognition and Rewards

  • Incentive program is based on zero accident objective

Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigations

  • Shared Learning