It is impossible to place a value on the experience and professionalism Corrado Construction’s team brings to each project. We thrive on challenging scopes of work, contend with continual unforeseen circumstances and devise effective solutions that counteract the difficulties created by uncooperative weather. Each service we offer embodies our belief in competency, efficiency and innovation. Each service we offer is performed with fierce dedication and a deep sense of pride.


Not everyone who owns a bulldozer can move dirt like we can. On a 76-acre site that included a 23-acre building pad, we worked double shifts to move 500,000 cubic yards of on-site soil to meet the design grade elevations, saving time and money by minimizing the need for import. It was a company-wide effort to meet an aggressive schedule and we completed the project with time to spare.


Digging a hole for a dormitory basement doesn’t sound too challenging, does it? How about during the wettest summer ever recorded, when the site was underwater for days at a time? Through intricate planning and effective mobilization of our crews, we were still able to get the project done ahead of schedule…and earned a repeat client because of it.

Utility Work

Our heavy equipment operators have become so good at what they do that mechanical and electrical contractors now hire us to perform the trenching for their mechanical packages, trusting us as deeply as the utility trenches we dig for them. One of our most challenging site utility projects was only 650’ long. However, the trenches had to be dug around a labyrinth of existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water mains, electrical duct banks, telephone communications and gas mains, which they were – with no subcontractor injured and no active line hit.


We have our own in-house paving crews who continually meet aggressive production goals and adhere to strict quality control standards. They work hand-in-hand with other crews to keep the job moving. We can scale our crews to meet the demands of any-sized project.


CCC’s demolition services include above-ground and underground structures as well as underground utilities. Additionally, in 1987, because we are always looking for ways to minimize the amount of waste we create, we began recycling the asphalt and concrete that were demolished.

Design / Team Building

We have been a part of many successful Design/Build teams, working with owners and civil engineers at the start of a project to ensure all construction criteria are considered before ground is broken. We uncover potential cost savings, assist with project sequencing and provide extensive knowledge regarding local soil and site conditions. Additionally, our team can identify better ways to handle the work that needs to be performed, guaranteeing the same end result while condensing the construction schedule and decreasing the cost to the client.

Project Cost Analysis

Civil engineers turn to us to put together preliminary budgets, give pricing feedback on design options and help their clients make better-informed decisions. We do the same for construction managers and general contractors, whether they are bidding a job or already have it. When trying to win a bid with unfinished and/or insufficient plans, our gift lies in being able to assume what the job will develop into and giving a knowledgeable estimate. If you have already been awarded the project, our skillset results in finding more efficient ways to develop the site and/or develop it at a lesser cost.


We take Brownfields restoration a few steps further. We will not only clean up your site per your state’s environmental agency’s specifications but will also then assist with the planning and design for developing the restored site. Once plans are finalized, our intimate knowledge of the site and plans make us the perfect contractor to perform the site work.

Value Engineering

Our seasoned estimators have developed and honed their skills over the past two decades so as to now be able to consider the logical progression of a site rather than base it only on what is presented in the drawings. This ability also allows them to recommend value engineering options that will reduce time and expense. We offer our value engineering services to any client in the pre-construction phase of a project. Additionally, as your site contractor, our value engineering expertise is included as part of our services.