The Corrado family name has become synonymous with quality and opportunity for more than 70 years. When you work at Corrado Construction, you’re part of our family and part of our legacy. We work hard to make sure our construction family is taken care of - with top-of-the-industry pay and benefits, steady work, opportunities to expand your expertise and assurance that you will be on safe and efficient work sites. We take pride in doing everything right and doing right by everyone who joins our family.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Lon Fluman

What do you like best about working here?
I have fun. I come to work happy and I leave happy. I get to play with big toys all day. I’m on a team – we work together. I feel like I make a difference.

Career Path
I went to Lake Forest High School, majoring in AutoCAD, and after high school I joined the Air Force Reserves. I joined Corrado as a laborer in May 2016, and the foreman quickly had me running the roller and the off-road truck. Then in Jan 2017, Corrado enrolled me in their Heavy Equipment Apprenticeship program, which ran for two years during the winter slow season. Now I can run anything.

What does this job mean to you?
This job is a career for me. It has enabled me to start my life – buy a home, and prepare for starting a family in about a year. It means stability and quality of life. I can see myself reaching my goals and beyond with Corrado.


Employee Spotlight

Brandon Roth

Career Path
Corrado came to St Georges to interview, and I was offered a co-op position for my senior year. Upon graduation, I became a full-time employee for Corrado Construction as a Junior Estimator. For the first three years, I also attended Del Tech where I obtained an associate’s degree in Civil Engineering Technology. I qualified for tuition reimbursement through the company; they also worked around my schedule so that I could attend classes. Now I’m an estimator and just did my first take-off for an energy plant project.

How would you describe the company culture?
I like how the company is run. Joey Corrado has done a good job at making sure we all feel like a member of the Corrado family. We feel appreciated and respected. Joey, the management team and my coworkers are open, approachable, transparent and supportive – and not only about work. I’m currently in the process of buying my first house and have gone to multiple coworkers to discuss the challenges I’m running into. They have offered guidance, encouragement and what they’ve learned from their own experiences buying a house. It’s a great place to work. I feel lucky to be here and am looking forward to the future.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Frank DiSabatino

What does this job and working at this company mean to you?
This job is my life, my home. It’s where I live. It’s who I am. I’m 50 years old. I’ve worked for the Corrados for 23 years. I’ve grown with the family and the company. I make a good living, provide for my kids. Every day I’m challenged in different ways. When I get off work, I leave the site knowing I’ve contributed to the progress of the job.

Career Path
I started out as a laborer, learning how to set up lasers for grades and how to install pipework. Once I started operating equipment, I learned what each piece of equipment was capable of doing. In time, I started running my own jobs – small ones at first. Now I can run any size project no matter the size, challenges or schedule.

What are the requirements and skills needed for your job?
To oversee a site project, you need to know about equipment, have basic math skills, be able to calculate percentages. And you need to have common sense in this position. As a foreman, you need to be willing to learn and willing to work. You have to be open-minded. Someone may have a better idea. Don’t shut them out because you have more experience.



Comprehensive Package

  • Health insurance including vision and dental
  • 401K company match
  • Paid holiday and vacation time
  • Safety record well below industry standard

Culture of Family

We treat our employees like family and it shows. Employees are respected, appreciated and given the time and resources needed to succeed.

Co-op & Internships

For college and high school students interested in the construction industry, these structured programs give participants hands-on experience, mentorship, and full-time employment opportunities.

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