Project Overview

Alder Creek now sits on a six-acre site that formerly was home to Cleveland Heights, a housing project built in 1967 on a shuttered city landfill and vacant since 2008. Because the soil was deemed contaminated by DNREC, the site needed environmental remediation. The scope of work for Corrado Construction included remediation and capping of the Brownfield site as well as site prep for thirteen new apartment buildings and a community center. Corrado’s work included:

  • Demolition of existing roadway, sidewalks
  • Removal and abandonment of underground utilities (2800 LF)
  • Clearing and grubbing of existing trees and vegetation (3 AC)
  • Grading and excavation for new work (35k CY of earthwork)
  • Installation of water mains and services (2500 LF), sanitary mains and services (1800 LF), and stormwater piping (2900 LF).
  • Installation of stormwater management features including a Stormtech underground stormwater retention system (215 chambers) and an amended soil infiltration swale (540 LF)
  • New parking lot (6300 SY), curb (3,000 LF), sidewalks (23,000 SF) on site, at City entrance, and at State entrance

Key Challenges

  • The project involved remediation and capping of a Brownfield site:
    • This required careful segregation of site soils as well as screening and disposal of trash.
    • A technician was required to monitor all excavations for hazardous atmospheres.
    • A capping system was used in portions of the site, which required over-excavation followed by replacement of soils with clean material. This was especially challenging given the limited space on the site.
    • Grades and elevations had to be adjusted to accommodate material generated by undercutting of structurally unsuitable soils.
  • Oversight of the project consisted of multiple government agencies including housing departments, city and state inspectors, and environmental regulators.
  • In order to complete the project on schedule, Corrado needed to work side-by-side with multiple trades as the apartments were being constructed.


Project:Alder Creek

Client:Ingerman Construction

Design Professional:Landmark Engineering

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:14 Months

Date of Completion:October 2015