Project Overview

This project was a restoration job. CCC added a connector from Historical Town Hall to the Delaware Historical Society Building.

  • 65 cubic yards of topsoil
  • 153 cubic yards of cuts
  • 260 feet of storm pipe
  • 40 tons of stone
  • 20 feet of sidewalk and curb

Key Challenges

A few challenges CCC faced during the duration of this project were the logistics and coordination. The underground portions of existing buildings were a challenge because we had to undercut four to five feet to remove rubble. We also had an issue with connecting storm pipe to the manhole on King Street. We worked closely with DelDot, the city, and the client to resolve the issue in an efficient and timely manner.


Project:Delaware Historical Society

Client:EDiS Company

Location:Wilmington, DE


Job Size:Under $1 Million

Duration:One year

Date of CompletionJune 2015