Project Overview

Site work preparation for the addition of a new store to the Dover Mall.  Work included demolition of an existing parking lot and utilities, earthwork, installation of new utilities including water, sewer and storm systems and site concrete and hot mix paving.

  • 7,000 CY of earthwork (cut/fill and import).
  • Installed over 800 LF of gravity sanitary sewer at an average depth of ten feet including six new sanitary structures and three tie-ins to the existing sanitary system.
  • Installed over 800 LF of new storm pipe including five new structures, trench drain in the loading dock area and 300 LF of roof drain connections.
  • Completed re-route of existing waterline loop around addition to building including 800 LF of 12” ductile iron waterline and three wet taps.
  • Imported and compacted over 6,000 tons of GABC and installation of over 300 tons of hot mix asphalt.
  • 3,600 LF of upright concrete curb and 4,500 SF of concrete sidewalk around the pond at the entrance to the mall.
  • Repaired and performed minor maintenance to existing storm water management ponds.

Key Challenges

  • Soil cement was discovered underneath of the existing hot mix asphalt. The asphalt also had a reduced section and no sub base other than the soil cement in some areas.  Corrado utilized our milling machine to pulverize the soil cement to make it so the gradation of the pulverized material was acceptable to be used as on site fill in lieu of paying to dispose of the material off site.
  • Several existing utilities that needed to remain in service were connected to the mall in areas that were to be abandoned during this project.  These utilities were identified, located and connected at alternate locations in order to keep them in service.
  • Minimal impact to the surrounding stores was achieved by abandoning some utilities in place rather than removing them.  The full removals of the utilities would have impacted the access to the surrounding stores entrances and would have required removal and re-installation of large areas of sidewalk. Corrado helped eliminate that work and provided a credit back to the owner.

Project Details

Project:Dick's Sporting Goods

Client:EDC General Contractors

Design Professional:Becker Morgan

Location:Dover, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:7 Months

Date of Completion:October 2013