Key Challenges

Site logistics and safety were key to this project. The site was surrounded by an active country club with members performing multiple activities. We had to install approximately 800 feet of Storm Drain through an active golf course without disrupting the green or players.

All deep excavations for the utilities, in-ground pool, and building foundations were compromised by large boulders. We had to use hydraulic splitting techniques to remove the boulders as blasting was not allowed. This process slowed down our excavation tremendously.

We had to remove and re-install vintage paving stones to tie-in the new water line. There were no replacements for the paving stones, so we had to be very careful not to break any.

Site Demolition

  • Demo existing fencing, light poles, tennis courts, (2) one-story brick buildings, (1) steel/metal building, (2) wooden sheds, and (1) wood and brick outdoor covered stage

Utility Demolition

  • Cut and remove existing 6” sanitary line (approx. 130 LF) and install temporary cap at stub
  • Demo and remove (1) sanitary manhole
  • Cut and remove existing 6” water line (approx. 200 LF) and install temporary cap at stub
  • Remove existing irrigation line around perimeter of croquet green


  • Provide site grading- cuts/fills
  • Provide excavation for a 25 meter swimming pool
  • Provide excavation for building foundations


  • Install sanitary and water mains

Storm Drain and Roof Drain Systems

  • Install all storm drain piping and basins
  • Install all roof drain piping

Asphalt Paving

  • Pave Entrance Road, Fire Lane, and Parking Spaces
  • Install all striping and signage

Site Amenities

  • Furnish and install decorative perimeter fencing and gates.
  • Furnish and install bollards and bike racks.

Project:Dupont Country Club

Client:EDiS Company

Design Professional:Duffield Associates

Location:Wilmington, DE

Job Size:Under 1 Million

Duration:1 Year

Date of Completion:December 2020