Project Scope

  • Full sitework package including significant tree clearing and onsite demo of existing conditions
  • Building pad prep for 2 large multiuse warehouse facilities
  • Site utilities including: Storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water line, roof drains; 5,500 LF total utilities
  • Full install of 6 total ponds: 3 gravel wetlands, 2 micro-bio ponds and 1 wet pond
  • Curb, stone and site paving; 5,600 LF total curb
  • Roadwork including utility connections to existing town of Elkton facilities, widening of and improvements to existing road leading to the site and install of new cul-de-sac at site entrance; 22,200 SY total paving

Key Challenges

  • The project was taken on with the understanding that the site soils would need to be cut, worked and placed at the right pace and the right time of year in order to eliminate additional import and additional cost to the owner
  • Supply chain issues greatly affected the ability to procure jobsite materials, most crucially pipe. CCC worked with the GC, design team and the Owner to find acceptable alternates and to adjust normal install sequences as needed to keep the project moving
  • The main storm sewer outfall for the project was installed on Amtrak’s property and less than 100′ from the active Amtrak train tracks. This required careful daily coordination with Amtrak personnel to achieve the install safely and without disruption to Amtrak operations

Project:Free State Business Park

Client:Chesapeake Contracting Group

Design Professional:EN Engineering

Location:Elkton, MD

Job Size:1 - 3 Million

Duration:10 months

Date of Completion:May 2022