Friendship Creek is a 121 unit residential subdivision with a clubhouse and amenities building. The project was performed in two phases. CCC’s work included supporting infrastructure and DelDOT road improvements as well as the site development components:

  • Earthwork: 60,000 CY
  • Utilities: 18,000 LF
  • Paving: 8,400 tons
  • Curb: 12,225 LF
  • Five gravel wetlands
  • Two lined wet ponds

Key Challenges

The DelDOT entrance work had to be completed as part of Phase 1. Central Avenue was detoured for a full reconstruction and CCC only had 10 days to complete the work.

In addition, there were two grave sites protected by the historical society and great care was taken to ensure that these areas remained undisturbed at all times.

Project:Friendship Creek

Client:McKee Group

Design Professional:Solutions IPEM

Location:Millville, Delaware

Job Size:3 - 5 Million

Duration:20 months

Date of Completion:December 2022