Project Overview

Corrado performed the site work to prepare roughly 25 acres for the construction of a new elementary school. The existing school stayed active while we prepared the athletic fields for a new building. Fencing was installed to contain the work area and maintain the safety of the school community.

  • Earthwork – 25,000 CY of grading and 10,000 CY of pond excavation
  • Storm drainage – 3,500 LF
  • Sanitary – 1,750 LF
  • Curb – 6,000 FT
  • Sidewalk – 34,000 SF
  • Paving – 5,000 tons of asphalt

Key Challenges

New water line had to be re-routed and installed and the old water line abandoned prior to the start of construction.


Project:H.O. Brittingham Elementary

Client:Richard Y. Johnson & Son

Design Professional:Davis, Bowen & Friedel

Location:Milton, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:18 months

Date of Completion:Summer 2019