Project Overview

This six-story hotel and banquet center along the Christina River in Wilmington began as a four-acre Brownfield site that needed remediation. In addition to the site development package, this project included a StormTech system with liner to collect and store rainwater and discharge during low tide.

  • 3,500 CY earthwork
  • 1,700 LF storm sewer
  • 518 LF sanitary sewer
  • 450 LF waterline
  • 5,000 SF sidewalk
  • 1,950 LF curb
  • 1,500 tons paving

Key Challenges

Environmental Concerns
Close coordination and cooperation with local government, engineering and environmental consultants, and DNREC were required to prepare for the unpredictability of what lay beneath the surface due to the site’s age and previous life as an industrial building. Soils and ground water were handled in accordance with DNREC requirements and all construction was overseen by the client’s environmental consultant.

Tidal Setting
Preliminary planning and close coordination with the general contractor was critical since our subsurface work was performed in a tidal setting. To tie the new storm infrastructure into the existing outfall we contended with high tide fluctuations and the handling of potentially contaminated groundwater. Often times work was restricted to low tide only and discharge of treated water was done between tides.

Active Adjacent Building
The hotel also required connection to an existing restaurant building that remained active throughout construction. Corrado worked closely with the construction manager to ensure uninterrupted business and turn parking space over to the restaurant as quickly as possible. Sewer and grease trap connections were done during off hours to minimize restaurant disturbance.

Project:Hyatt Place Hotel

Design Professional:CDA Engineering

Location:Wilmington, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:18 Months

Date of CompletionOctober 2019