Project Overview

Johnson Controls’ Battery Production and Shipping Facility covered approximately 40 acres of land. The building itself covered approximately 10 acres of the property.  Corrado Construction was responsible for the site work, utilities, curbing and paving.

  • Imported nearly 75,000 CY of fill materials, the majority of which was imported in the first month.
  • Placed over 175,000 CY of fills on-site.
  • Imported and placed over 27,000 tons of graded aggregate base course.
  • Installed over 9,000 LF of underground utilities.
  • Installed over 2 ½ miles of concrete curb.
  • Placement of over 16,000 tons of asphalt paving.
  • Complied and maintained erosion and sediment controls under the direct inspection of the Town of Middletown.
  • The project was completed and the facility operational in less than 8 months.

Key Challenges

  • Corrado Construction used on-site soil to help save both time and money for our client on this project. We were able to balance out the large import demand of over 175,000 cubic yards of fill using a combination of import and on-site materials. We used the on-site materials for our fills and the excess topsoil from the site to construct landscaped berms as well as fill in our non-structural areas.
  • The underground utilities, storm water detention system and wet detention pond had to be constructed well below the water table.  Given that August 2011 was the wettest month on record in Delaware and ended with Hurricane Irene, CCC’s crews developed a near-to-impossible schedule to ensure the facility was ready for occupancy by the requested deadline.


Dave Brodie - Executive Vice President

We made the decision to subcontract with Corrado Construction based on their knowledge of the type of work required for a successful project. Their passion to achieve the schedule was a key element in our decision as the Johnson Controls Distribution Center had to be turned over on August 1, 2011. From the first day on the job to the final punch list, Corrado Construction performed above our expectations. Their field supervision and field personnel were always focused on quality work and production. Corrado Construction was instrumental and a key partner in the success of this project.

Dave Brodie - Executive Vice President, Wohlsen Construction
Anthony Sinacola - Sr. Project Manager

For the Johnson Controls Distribution Center, Corrado developed the near to impossible timeline schedule for the various stages of work for the manufacturing areas, building pad of 120,000 tons of imported select fill compacted in place, as well as successfully constructing the shipping/receiving lot for 39 trucking stations. This job was a fast-tracked project with design/construction phases beginning in January of 2011 and final turn over in August of this same year. Corrado played a key role in delivering a fully functional manufacturing facility for occupancy within the extremely tight time constraints that were requested. A huge part of the success of this project was due to the continued efforts in coordination, the flexibility of the Corrado Project team, and the willingness to adapt to the various challenges posed during the phased construction.

Anthony Sinacola - Sr. Project Manager, Johnson Controls

Project Details:

Project: Johnson Controls Battery Production and Shipping Facility

Client:Wohlsen Construction

Design Professional:Woodin & Associates, LLC

Location:Middletown, DE


Job Size:$3 - $5 Million

Duration:8 Months

Date of Completion:September 2011