Project Overview

Site construction of a fourteen acre parcel from a Greenfield to a commercial building site. The site work also included two major upgrades to DelDOT infrastructure: completing a 2,000 LF roadway and increasing the length of an existing turn lane on Rt. 7 by 350 LF.

  • 70,500 CY of Cuts/Fills
  • 19,500 CY of Imported Fill
  • 23,000 Tons of Stone
  • 550 LF of Sanitary Sewer
  • 3,400 LF of Storm Drain
  • 1,500 LF of Rainwater
  • 2,200 LF of Waterline
  • 3 Bio Ponds were installed totaling 3,900 SF of bio pond
  • 13,000 SF of Sidewalks
  • 5,300 SF of Heavy Duty Concrete Paving
  • 6,500 Tons of Hot Mix Asphalt


Key Challenges

  • This project had a short timeline for completion – less then six weeks. All work was completed in order for Lowe’s to open on time in the first quarter of 2015.
  • The site needed over 25,000 CY of unanticipated import due to undercut and much thicker topsoil than anticipated.
  • Lowe’s building contractor worked at a fast pace, requiring coordination of work from pre-construction through final completion.
  • The stormwater management areas that were planned to be infiltration basins did not support vegetative growth. We worked with the county to provide an acceptable alternative (sand-lined ponds) in order to achieve stabilization and infiltration.
  • Much of the finish work (landscaping, paving, concrete etc.) was performed in November and December. We were able to meet Lowe’s and DelDOT’s specifications for temperatures because we were two weeks ahead of schedule entering the winter. If we were “on schedule” we would have been hit by multiple snow storms – delaying the opening of the Lowe’s by months.



Client:Bancroft Construction

Location:New Castle, DE


Job Size:$3 - $5 Million

Duration:5 Months

Date of Completion:December 2015