Project Overview

Conversion of a warehouse facility to a school, complete with multiple athletic fields and the addition of a gym to the existing building. Parking lot and building layout were changed for the new owner.

  • Installed perimeter controls including 1,800 LF of silt fence.
  • Demolished portions of curb, sidewalk, parking lot, and a concrete loading dock.
  • Constructed three athletic fields with over 30,000 CY of earthwork.
  • Reconfigured parking lot and entrances for school use.
  • Installed 152’ of water service to building.
  • Prep 15,000 SF building pad for addition.
  • Installed 550 LF of underdrain and 150 CY of Bio-Soil bio-retention facilities.
  • Installed 276 LF of storm sewer.
  • Installed 25,000 SF of concrete sidewalks.
  • Resurfaced existing parking lot and re-pave entrance road using over 1,000 tons of asphalt.
  • Performed improvements to entrance road in order transfer ownership to the City of Newark.

Key Challenges

  • In order to construct the athletic fields, over 30,000 CY of dirt needed to be moved in a short time frame to allow seeding of the fields the season prior to school opening.
  • Worked with client to sequence work to ensure that underground tank install caused minimal impact to sitework and project schedule

Project Details

Project:Newark Charter High School

Client:Bancroft Construction

Design Professional:Landmark Science and Engineering

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:11 Months

Date of Completion:August 2013