Project Overview

Site prep for a restaurant supply store including grading, underground piping, concrete curb, sidewalk, and paving.

  • Water: 1,360 LF
  • Storm: 1,900 LF
  • Sanitary: 650 LF
  • Dirt: 12,000 CY
  • Stone: 10,000 Tons
  • Asphalt: 2,500 Tons
  • Curb 2,500 SF
  • Sidewalks: 4,400 SF

Key Challenges

  • It was difficult to move the dirt as it was too wet. CCC worked with a geotech to come up with a solution, which was to move the dirt in phases after drying sections of dirt on-site.
  • The pre-existing water line was not shown correctly on the plans from which we were working. The drawings showed a portion of existing waterline as 12” but it was only 8”, which was an issue because the 12” line had to be extended towards the site. This required CCC to remove some 8” pipe and replace it with 12”, which was challenging because:
    • The tight work space was only a few feet away from the roadway and near large trees.
    • The multiple branch lines extended off the 8” water line as well as direction changes in the line.
    • The line was in active service and the removal/replacement had to occur quickly in order to restore water service to local residents and businesses.


Project:Restaurant Depot

Client:Oliver Hatcher Construction

Location:Wilmington, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:8 months

Date of CompletionDecember 2014