Project Overview

The project scope for 5600 Concord Pike, a 2.5 acre retail center, included erosion controls, earthwork, sanitary sewer, storm pipe, water line, underground storm water retention, concrete and asphalt paving.

  • Earthwork: 6,000 CY
  • Storm sewer: 600 LF
  • Sanitary sewer: 700 LF
  • Waterline: 400 LF
  • Sidewalk: 4,000 SF
  • Curb: 3,000 LF
  • Paving: 1,800 tons

Key Challenges

This site is in close proximity to Rt 202. It’s also elevated above the busy highway. Corrado Construction was diligent in keeping sediment contained by using a berm and sediment traps.

In addition, CCC worked with the project team to make grading adjustments to avoid contact with an existing utility line.


Project:Retail Center at 5600 Concord Pike

Client:DSM Construction

Design Professional:Duffield Associates

Location:Wilmington, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:1 Year

Date of CompletionSeptember 2018