Project Overview

 Corrado Construction was responsible for a full sitework package for a proposed 43 building apartment complex on a 21 acre site. Project scope included the following:

  • All topsoil stripping and site cuts to fills including importing fill material for roadways and building pads
    • Installation and maintenance of all erosion and sediment controls including but not limited to silt fence, temp berms and sediment traps and stabilized construction entrances
    • ~100,000 CY of fill material placed to achieve design grades
  • 5787 LF of sanitary sewer installation which included furnish and install of 18 new sanitary structures
    • Tie-in to existing New Castle county sanitary sewer at 2 locations
  • 3038 LF of storm sewer installation which included furnish and install of 36 storm structures
  • 8483 LF of roofdrain installation
  • Installation of 5 unique stormtech systems and 5 unique rain tank systems
    • Install included the furnish and install of each system as well as the stone envelope surrounding each
    • Stormtech install was carefully coordinated with the storm sewer system and the roofdrains with the rain tanks respectively. Both drainage systems act independently of one another.
  • 5230 LF of waterline installation. Included main and 42 unique services off of the main.
  • 10,200 LF of upright curb install which included all ADA ramps
  • Placement of roughly 5600 tons of asphalt hotmix for finish paving around the complete site. Furnish of all signage and asphalt striping also included.
  • Provide ~500 LF of block retaining wall split between 2 locations on site. CCC oversaw completion of this work by our subcontractor Terra Structures.

Key Challenges

  • The overall size of the site created several challenges with regard to how the site disturbance and earthwork would be able to take place per New Castle County’s E&S requirements. Corrado Construction and Pettinaro had to carefully coordinate with the Department of Land Use to make sure the proper erosion and sediment controls were installed and functioning for each area where work was being performed. This often required red lined plans and on-site meetings with the oversight agency to propose new solutions for sitework challenges.
  • Pettinaro Construction maintained a very detailed plan for the project’s phasing and kept tight deadlines for the turnover of specific buildings for occupancy. This required close coordination between the site superintendent and the project managers to make sure that efforts were focused to finish all scope in some phases prior to moving on to the next. Oftentimes each phase acted as its own small project.
  • In order to provide adequate fills for the project, the stormwater management systems were dug and installed early in the projects sequence. Under normal circumstances, these systems would not be installed until later in the project but to meet the development needs, a new plan was created to install these systems early while also isolating and protecting them from the ongoing construction around the site. This required additional site prep in order to maintain proper drainage in several of these areas.
  • As work progressed on the site, several of the completed phases became occupied with residents living and operating in close proximity to ongoing construction. This required coordination for all ongoing work to proceed safely and efficiently while in such close quarters with active residents. This also significantly limited the amount of space and storage available to all on-site contractors creating a more congested work area for Corrado and all other trades.


Derek DiMeo - Senior Project Manager

Corrado Construction company has worked on a number of our larger site work projects, with the most recent being our multi phased residential Rockwood Apartments complex in Newark Delaware. A 30 acre full earthwork development site with massive underground stormwater management systems, retaining walls and complete underground utility work. A time sensitive project completed on time and within budget. Corrado shines on any project from the very start with their detailed overview of a project prior to construction to help avoid any potential issues with valued engineering. From their Estimating and Management departments, to their field personnel, the Corrado team has been a pleasure to work with on all of PCCI projects. A trusted team member for us.

Derek DiMeo - Senior Project Manager, Pettinaro


Project:Rockwood Parcel 1A

Client:Pettinaro Construction Company

Design Professional:Northpointe Engineering

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$3 - $5 Million

Duration:2 Years

Date of Completion:Spring/Summer 2018