Project Overview

The St. Phillips Lutheran Church project entailed site construction for a new 16,000 sf church. The site package included clearing and grubbing of a wooded lot, utilities installation, the creation of two SWM ponds, upgrades to DelDOT’s infrastructure, paving, and installation of curbs and sidewalks. Scope of work included:

  • Clearing and Grubbing: 15,000 SY
  • Water: 170 LF
  • Storm: 716 LF
  • Sanitary: 200 LF
  • Dirt: 7,000 CY
  • Bio Retention Excavation: 1,307 CY
  • Concrete Curb: 1,800 LF
  • Concrete Sidewalks: 6,053 SF
  • Asphalt: 1,133 Tons

Key Challenges

Corrado worked closely with Nason Construction, CDA Engineering, Delmarva Power, and DelDOT to identify potential issues and resolve them before work was in progress.

Project Details

Project:St. Phillip’s Lutheran Church

Client:Nason Construction, Inc.

Location:Wilmington, DE


Job Size:Under $1 Million

Duration:1 Year

Date of Completion:August 2016