Project Overview

Site construction for a 120,032 sf Mushroom Building and 21,328 sf future addition, which included clearing, earth moving and grading, storm pipe, sediment traps, upgrades to MDOT infrastructure and paving.

  • Cut/Fills: 57,000 CY
  • Machine Grading: 68,000 SY
  • Undercuts: 8,000 CY
  • Re-establish undercuts: 9,000 CY
  • Storm: 1,000 LF
  • Stone: 10,000 Tons
  • Asphalt: 4,000 Tons

Key Challenges

Due to existing wet subgrade soils, Corrado worked closely with Geo-Tech to improve the stability of the building pad and drive areas. This consisted of scarifying and drying the wet soils along with undercutting unstable areas and replacing with dry structural compacted fill that was mined onsite.


Jim Angelucci

When the Phillips family decided to expand their Warwick Mushroom Farm growing facility I thought it appropriate to ask Corrado Construction to bid on the project. Awarding them the contract was a no brainer. Their attention to detail, workplace safety and dedicated professionalism was amazing. The work was completed in a timely fashion with little or no overruns. The onsite supervisor Dave did an excellent job in finding potential problem areas and working them out. Working seven days a week and some nights the site preparation was completed ahead of schedule. This allowed us to start the building construction sooner than anticipated getting us ahead of the production schedule so that we could meet the Thanksgiving holiday demand.

Jim Angelucci, Phillips Mushroom Farms



Project Details

Project:Warwick Mushroom Farm

Client:Warwick Mushroom Farms, LLC

Design Professional:McCrone Engineering

Location:Warwick, MD


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:1 Year

Date of Completion:July 2016