Project Overview

Full site work package at existing field at the corner of Route 4 & Samoset Drive. Formally part of the Bank of America property.

  • E&S, minor existing site clearing and demo, earthwork (export 18,000 CY of material)
  • Subgrade earthwork for adjacent pad site (Chick-fil-A)
  • 500 LF sanitary sewer install with tie-in to existing manhole and lateral connections to Wawa and adjacent pad site. Furnish and install Wawa grease trap
  • 1400 LF of storm sewer installation along with 14 storm structures
  • Installation of roof drains around Wawa
  • New modular block retaining wall installed on-site (Sub-Terra Structures)
  • 362 chamber storm tech system spanning the Wawa and adjacent Chick-fil-A sites
  • Wet tap existing water main and new water main reroute around the site and reconnect to the service for Bank of America (new water main work performed for Artesian directly); provide domestic water service to Wawa
  • 2000 LF of concrete curb and 700 SF of sidewalk
  • Final hot mix paving for Wawa and common areas for the parcel

This project also included a $400,000 DelDOT full road improvement package, including:

  • Lane widening on Rt. 4 from Harmony Road to Samoset Drive
  • New entrances on Rt. 4 and Samoset Drive
  • New modular block retaining wall along Rt. 4 (in front of adjacent shopping center which remained active during construction)
  • Reconfiguration of Samoset Drive and mill and overlay of exiting paving
  • New island installation at community entrance on other side of Rt. 4 (Pheasant Lane)
  • Installation of rerouted signal communication for DelDOT fiber throughout length of lane widening

Key Challenges


June 2015 brought 12.5″ of rain so continuing dirt work with a wet site was challenging.

Water Main Reconfiguration

Due to the proposed grades required on the Wawa site, the existing water main running through the site needed to be rerouted around the new site. This particular main feeds the entire Bank of America facility. The tie-in and half day shut down for the new work was carefully coordinated with DSM, Artesian, Bank of America and local fire departments as the facility was active at the time of the shutdown.

Site Accessibility and Traffic

The DelDOT scope of work was significant as noted above, and required meeting with them several times to coordinate working hours, traffic control, and design adjustments. A portion of the work was performed from inside the site to limit disruption to traffic along busy Rt.4, which feeds both Bank of America as well as Christina Hospital and the whole Christina Care facility.

We were also working in and around the entrance to the busy shopping center on Harmony Road. Work that required significant disruption to travel lanes was performed at night, posing its own safety and logistics challenges.

In addition, during this DelDOT work we encountered multiple conflicts with existing signal utilities that operate the traffic lights along Rt. 4. We coordinated with DelDOT and FILEC (handles DelDOT fiber systems) to reroute conduits and install new junction boxes from the adjacent shopping center all the way up Rt. 4 to Samoset Drive.

After completion of the underground work and site prep, we demobilized as Chick-fil-A built and opened their facility and Wawa worked on their building. Once we returned to complete the site finishes, Chick-fil-A was open for business with only one way out of the parking lot. This made on-site coordination between the Wawa building trades and generally vehicle traffic to Chick-fil-A difficult during the final phase of construction.

Project Details

Project:Wawa Samoset

Client:DSM Construction

Design Professional:APEX Engineering

Location:Newark, DE


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:1 Year

Date of Completion:June 2016