UD South Green

Joseph Stokes, Lead Project Manager

The South Green Utility Upgrades Project was not only the largest utility project ever commissioned on the University of Delaware’s campus, but also the largest utility project the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company’s Delaware Office has ever completed. Given the immense scale and scope, having trusted partners were key to the project’s success. One of these partners was Corrado Construction Company. Throughout the project, Corrado Construction Company overcame several challenges, the greatest of which was completing a project in the heart of campus filled with 17,000 students each day – changing classes, conducting campus tours, completing maintenance, etc. Corrado Construction Company used their experience working on University of Delaware projects and a continuous coordination effort with Whiting-Turner to navigate through the ever-changing conditions. They opened large utility trenches for almost ¾ of a mile of Steam & Condensate piping as well as approximately 1 mile of Chilled Water piping, as well as tunneling under two occupied buildings, all while maintaining the use of each university building adjacent to the work. In addition, Corrado Construction Company employees were incredibly professional and easy to work with, always striving to move the project forward with the clients’ best interest in mind. As always, it was a pleasure working with Corrado Construction Company and we look forward to partnering with them again in the future.

Joseph Stokes, Lead Project Manager

Datwyler Pharmaceutical

Mike Lano, Superintendent

Corrado Construction was asked to participate on a fast-paced job with liquidated damages. You performed amazingly. The building pad was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, which let us start our site utilities early. The utilities were deep and dangerous but your team handled them like true professionals. Site water and fire systems were installed into one of the deepest meter pits within the Town’s limits. Excess materials were shaped into huge stockpiles on-site, which made access tough but was no problem for your crew. Datwyler’s sewer and process water was sent through a 10,000-gallon concrete holding facility, which was not something we do every day but you handled it. The area needed dewatering and shoring – pretty complex work. Again, no issues. Thanks for the opportunity to work with your team.

Mike Lano, Superintendent, Wohlsen Construction
Dave Vandegrift, Vice President of Preconstruction & Estimating

Please accept this note as my appreciation for all the work you and your firm, Corrado Construction, did on the Datwyler project. Specifically, I want to emphasize the preconstruction phase of the project. As you are aware, the initial competitive design/build proposal was made even more challenging based on very schematic documents prepared by a European design firm. Working successfully with you through that phase, we began the design/build process. However again we were met with another challenge of the sitework being completed by the Owner’s civil engineering firm. Although the process was difficult at times, we worked closely to maintain the project’s pricing and schedule commitments. This included multiple design changes and value engineering options, while work had already begun on the site. Although my involvement with the project ended once the project was fully under construction, I know that your firm played a key role in its successful completion. Looking forward to working with Corrado on future projects.

Dave Vandegrift, Vice President of Preconstruction & Estimating, Wohlsen Construction


Paul Smedberg, Project Executive

Having worked with many site contractors across the county it was great to be able to work with such a professional, well-staffed and skilled company like Corrado on the Harborchase Assisted Living project. Their experience and attention to detail is above and beyond industry standards. I would welcome the Corrado team on my next project.

Paul Smedberg, Project Executive, C.D. Smith Construction

University of Delaware Projects

Michael Palotas - Project Manager

My experience with Corrado Construction on UD's South Campus Steam and Condensate project was truly remarkable. The project consisted of a nearly impossible schedule that was riddled with daily challenges. To make matters worse, we experienced the most excessive rainfall ever recorded. Amazingly, Corrado worked nights, weekends, whatever it took to get back to work each day. They literally moved lakes of water in order to push through their work and maintain the schedule. I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with Corrado’s professionalism, attention to detail and safety, and hard work on the UD SCSC Project. The UD SCSC Project was a tremendous success and Corrado Construction’s tireless efforts left our client the University of Delaware completely satisfied.

Michael Palotas - Project Manager, Whiting-Turner
Dave McNamara - Assistant Director

I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional job your firm did in completing the Academy Street Dining & Residence Hall and Harrington Dormitory projects of the past 18 months. Your firm’s attention to detail was very evident in the coordination of the work at each of the sites and the quality of the finished project. I have been with the University over 9 years and have completed over 10 utility projects and these two were by far the best in regards to safety, logistics and execution. Both projects were completed on schedule despite numerous weather related delays last year. Your Project Management team of Brian/Kyle and Site Superintendents John/Mike were very proactive in planning the work and interfacing with the UD community. I look forward to working with Corrado in the future and if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Dave McNamara - Assistant Director, University of Delaware
Ralph Degli Obizzi, Jr. - President

As a subcontractor of Corrado’s, their leadership, commitment to quality and commitment to safety helped in making Haines Street Utility very successful project. This was not an easy job. The logistics made the work quite complicated. The depth of the piping along with the ever-present groundwater posed enormous obstacles. Corrado did a great job in preparing the ditches for us so that we could be extremely productive in very safe conditions. We look forward to many more projects with Corrado Construction Company.

Ralph Degli Obizzi, Jr. - President, Ralph G. Degli Obizzi & Sons
Michael Palotas, Project Manager

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company recently completed the single largest underground utility project ever attempted on the University of Delaware’s Campus. The South Academy Residence Hall project was originally scheduled to take 2 years to complete, but the partnership between Whiting-Turner and the Corrado Construction Company was able to complete this monumental project in only eight (8) months. At its peak, Corrado was helping to install roughly 400 feet of pre-engineered underground piping a week. To make things even more interesting, Corrado was asked to install a Half Million Dollars’ worth of Chilled Water piping in the last month of the project and still was able to beat the 8 month duration. The project took place in and around the historic “Green” on the old Women’s College area of Campus. This area is highly revered and the construction schedule required continuous work while classes were in session. Planning for this project took 4 months. Each phase of construction required three (3) physically separate areas work that were active concurrently. Due to the extremely diligent efforts of Brian Felicia and the Corrado Team, the project was meticulously planned successfully. The team of Whiting-Turner and Corrado were able to complete this massive underground utility project in record time with an acute focus on the safety of the students and staff. Brian and his team’s positive attitude and teamwork contributed to yet another successful project on campus that left the University of Delaware extremely satisfied.

Michael Palotas, Project Manager, Whiting-Turner
Michael O'Neil - Superintendent

The work on the Haines Street project included site utilities consisting of medium pressure steam and condensate, chilled water supply and return, and electrical duct banks to supply the new East Campus Resident Hall project at the University of Delaware. Although it was only several hundred yards of work to tie into the new central utility plan, it involved maintaining fire lane access to the campus, pedestrian access, access to homes along the street and to a nearby church. Construction was broken out into three phases to allow for access at all times. Corrado’s team was an integral part in all planning phases, bringing their extensive knowledge and expertise to the table. They had a great working relationship with the Facilities Department and with City of Newark inspectors. The project had specific time constraints that made coordination and execution very time sensitive. Corrado carefully worked through layers of existing utilities that could not be disturbed. The work started in early April and had to be completed by mid-August, ahead of student move-in. Going into the project, our largest risk was identified as being the close proximity of the work to existing buildings and the tele/data duct bank that feeds the entire campus. We also had to take into consideration the existence of a high water table and use of well point dewatering. As Lead Superintendent on the project, I can say with certainty that partnering with Corrado was the key to a successful project. Corrado’s management and quality field supervision were the right choice. So much so that they have already been selected for our next project, one that has complicated logistics and site utilities, again located on a busy city street. Based on their past performance and quality of workmanship, we are confident of another successful outcome.

Michael O'Neil - Superintendent, Skanska USA Building

Delaware Recyclable (DRPI) Management Facility

John Dottellis - Area Engineer

Corrado Construction played a vital role in the success of the DRPI 6-2 project. The two phases of the project were import and filling of 26 acres and installation of the groundwater diversion trench. The two projects were necessary to be completed simultaneously. The diversion trench was approximately 1500 feet long and varied in depth between 20 to 60 feet below existing ground surface. The installation of a 12” diameter pipe wrapped in fabric and stone was challenging at that depth to say the least. Corrado’s experience, coordination flexibility, and ability to be proactive rather than just reactive were key elements to the installation and schedule of the projects. Our team was very satisfied with work performed and would recommend Corrado Construction in the future.

John Dottellis - Area Engineer, Waste Management
John Dottellis - Area Engineer

The DRPI 6-2A project consisted of a 12 acre waste cell, a 7 acre environmental cap, and landfill gas collection system. The projects ran simultaneously and had varying degrees of difficulty along with the need for coordination of several moving parts. The collection system was to be installed under the landfill liner system so it was imperative that the project milestones were met. Corrado Construction was able to coordinate the projects along with 3rd party vendors while working within the constraints of the weather during one of the wettest seasons on record. The project could not have been completed in the time constraints necessary if it weren’t for the experience and resources available. Our team was very satisfied with work performed and would recommend Corrado Construction in the future.

John Dottellis - Area Engineer, Waste Management

Amazon.com Warehouse

David Jennings - Project Manager

Amazon.com Warehouse was Duke Realty’s first project in Delaware. During our due diligence on site work contractors, all recommendations kept coming back to Corrado as the best in the state at moving dirt on an aggressive schedule. Duke teamed with Corrado very early in the design process and leaned on their local knowledge of the soils. Corrado was an invaluable partner for the following reasons: they understood our need to put schedule first in getting the building pad constructed, they took on risk, they did what they said they would do, and they completed the pad ahead of schedule. One of the major keys to the successful completion of the Middletown Warehouse Facility was our decision to work with Corrado Construction Company. Not only did Corrado perform our site work but they also were able to develop a plan with the design team and the local regulatory agency to expedite the turnover of the building pad to facilitate the building construction to meet the project’s critical path. We feel that this project was the beginning of a strong relationship and look forward to our next venture with Corrado. Corrado had a strong team on the project from design through execution. I would recommend them for any fast-tracked schedule project and I hope to work with them again on future projects.

David Jennings - Project Manager, Duke Realty
David Huth - Project Superintendent

I have been a superintendent for 25 years in the construction industry. It is very important for me to have a good site contractor. Corrado has been by far the top site contractor in my experience. They had a plan and delivered at Amazon.com Warehouse in Middletown, DE. I could tell them what I needed and they came through with flying colors.

David Huth - Project Superintendent, Duke Realty
Tim Barth - Project Superintendent

Working with Corrado Construction on Amazon.com Warehouse has been a pleasure. I have been working in construction for 42 years. It was exciting to see how efficiently Corrado’s field operations moved the on-site material to achieve the design grades and meet the project’s accelerated schedule. The site was always kept in a drainable condition and the soils were protected from adverse weather. Corrado also had the site utility, site concrete and hot mix paving for the project. Corrado is efficient in all phases of site construction. Corrado was always ahead of, or on schedule throughout the project. I would work with Corrado Construction again on any mass excavation and site utility project.

Tim Barth - Project Superintendent, Duke Realty

Johnson Controls Distribution Center

Dave Brodie - Executive Vice President

We made the decision to subcontract with Corrado Construction based on their knowledge of the type of work required for a successful project. Their passion to achieve the schedule was a key element in our decision as the Johnson Controls Distribution Center had to be turned over on August 1, 2011. From the first day on the job to the final punch list, Corrado Construction performed above our expectations. Their field supervision and field personnel were always focused on quality work and production. Corrado Construction was instrumental and a key partner in the success of this project.

Dave Brodie - Executive Vice President, Wohlsen Construction
Anthony Sinacola - Sr. Project Manager

For the Johnson Controls Distribution Center, Corrado developed the near to impossible timeline schedule for the various stages of work for the manufacturing areas, building pad of 120,000 tons of imported select fill compacted in place, as well as successfully constructing the shipping/receiving lot for 39 trucking stations. This job was a fast-tracked project with design/construction phases beginning in January of 2011 and final turn over in August of this same year. Corrado played a key role in delivering a fully functional manufacturing facility for occupancy within the extremely tight time constraints that were requested. A huge part of the success of this project was due to the continued efforts in coordination, the flexibility of the Corrado Project team, and the willingness to adapt to the various challenges posed during the phased construction.

Anthony Sinacola - Sr. Project Manager, Johnson Controls

Christina Landing Retail

Peter Paton - Principal/Director of Engineering

The Christina Landing Retail project was a challenging structural and coordination project. MacIntosh Engineering worked closely with Corrado Construction during the project providing structural design, consultation and field review. Corrado Construction was well organized, diligent, and a pleasure to work with during the project. There were significant coordination items with DelDOT, the City of Wilmington and the center developer that had to be overcome in order to maintain the project schedule, and allow the center to open as scheduled as well as minimize the impact to the city of Wilmington’s main access artery. Corrado Construction consistently worked with the design team making recommendations to expedite the design process and reduce excess cost and schedule impacts. Corrado Construction was a valuable member of the design and construction team and critical to the project’s success. We look forward to future projects with Corrado Construction.

Peter Paton - Principal/Director of Engineering, MacIntosh Engineering
Bill Babb - Sr. Project Manager

Corrado Construction was a critical and dependable team member and partner on the Christina Landing Retail project. They brought years of experience and creative problem solving to the team. They repeatedly showed these qualities in innovative water and soil control and containment to environment soil and contamination management as well as timely completion of an aggressively scheduled project. The project could not have been as successful as it was without this vital team member.

Bill Babb - Sr. Project Manager, BPGS
Edwin Williams - Project Manager

The Christina Landing Retail project had many geotechnical obstacles and hurdles to overcome during the construction phase of the project. Loose existing fill materials, buried construction debris, soft compressible subsoils, and unbalanced grading to name a few. Geo-technology Associates worked closely with Corrado during the project providing geotechnical consultation and quality control testing. Corrado was cooperative, open minded, and worked diligently for the project duration. To help overcome some of the site issues, maintain the project schedule, and reduce cost overruns, Corrado constantly worked with the design team making suggestions and recommendations, such as importing high quality, recycled material for mass grading operations. Corrado Construction was a key component of this project’s success.

Edwin Williams - Project Manager, GTA
Marion Young - President

The Christina Landing Retail project environmental cleanup work was difficult and challenging for several reasons: the site was a former salvage yard with PCB and metals contamination; environmental regulators included EPA’s TSCA program as well as DNREC; the owner’s schedule was very tight; it was a rainy construction season. Corrado’s team listened well and collaborated closely with BrightFields, offering creative solutions and suggestions to streamline each phase of the cleanup. They accommodated changes in their construction tasks in order to complete the environmental work on schedule while still maintaining the overall construction schedule. We look forward to working with Corrado on future projects.

Marion Young - President, Brightfields

DE Turf Sports Complex

Dean Y. Johnson – CEO/CFO

Richard Y Johnson recently teamed up with Corrado Construction on the DE Turf project. During the project, Corrado Construction’s performance exceeded expectations. They were great to work with and had great ideas to keep the project moving during the late winter months. Corrado was a huge reason why the project finished early. RYJ looks forward to working with them again!!

Dean Y. Johnson – CEO/CFO, Richard Y Johnson & Son
Jon S. Falkowski, P.E. – Sr. Associate

It was imperative that the DE Turf project be completed on time or the facility would lose out to other facilities on the East Coast fighting for market share. Working with RYJ, Corrado took on the aggressive schedule for this immense site work and utility package and boy did they deliver! It was a pleasure working with the Corrado team on this project as they delivered substantial completion in just 12 months, ahead of schedule.

Jon S. Falkowski, P.E. – Sr. Associate, Becker Morgan

Love Creek Elementary School

Dean Y. Johnson - CEO

We recently had the pleasure of working with Corrado Construction on the Love Creek Elementary School and the experience was great. They handled the project in a true professional manner and was able to keep up with the schedule. I would recommend using Corrado to everyone.

Dean Y. Johnson - CEO, Richard Y Johnson & Son

Rockwood Apartments

Derek DiMeo - Senior Project Manager

Corrado Construction company has worked on a number of our larger site work projects, with the most recent being our multi phased residential Rockwood Apartments complex in Newark Delaware. A 30 acre full earthwork development site with massive underground stormwater management systems, retaining walls and complete underground utility work. A time sensitive project completed on time and within budget. Corrado shines on any project from the very start with their detailed overview of a project prior to construction to help avoid any potential issues with valued engineering. From their Estimating and Management departments, to their field personnel, the Corrado team has been a pleasure to work with on all of PCCI projects. A trusted team member for us.

Derek DiMeo - Senior Project Manager, Pettinaro

Warwick Mushroom Farm

Jim Angelucci

When the Phillips family decided to expand their Warwick Mushroom Farm growing facility I thought it appropriate to ask Corrado Construction to bid on the project. Awarding them the contract was a no brainer. Their attention to detail, workplace safety and dedicated professionalism was amazing. The work was completed in a timely fashion with little or no overruns. The onsite supervisor Dave did an excellent job in finding potential problem areas and working them out. Working seven days a week and some nights the site preparation was completed ahead of schedule. This allowed us to start the building construction sooner than anticipated getting us ahead of the production schedule so that we could meet the Thanksgiving holiday demand.

Jim Angelucci, Phillips Mushroom Farms
Rob Jadick - Director of Marketing

Corrado Construction has provided a truly professional level of service and exceptional quality of construction. I have enjoyed many past experiences with the project teams from Corrado and this past job proved no exception. The home office and project management support was knowledgeable, steady and reliable. The work performed in the field was, as always, matriculate and professional. I would recommend Corrado Construction to any customer who not only values quality construction but also places a premium on customer relations and satisfaction and also places a heavy emphasis on job safety.

Rob Jadick - Director of Marketing